VJM's spectacularly illustrated book PARIS gives readers a creative tour of the awe-inspiring city of Paris. Home to some of the world's greatest landmarks including the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre, Notre-Dame and more, VJM's PARIS is the perfect companion for those captivated by the beauty and romance of the City of Light.


HAWAII - the capital of paradise. A tropical oasis where surfers and hula dancers mingle on pristine beaches beneath a volcano. VJM's HAWAII takes us on a photographic exploration of the island of Oahu. More than just the gateway to surf, sand, and sun, VJM's images unearth a bustling destination filled with art, culture, fine dining and people.


VJM's NEW YORK takes a black-and-white glance at the ultimate "urban jungle". VJM's perspective on the hustle-bustle Big Apple captures the sometimes provocative city as well as its landscapes and streetscapes. The simplicity of black & white gives the reader an uncomplicated look at the city that never sleeps.